TSCopper will allow you to utilize images from Coppermine Photo Gallery within your WordPress website.

It’s easy to use. Simply install it, configure it’s settings, (database parameters for Coppermine) then use the new ‘Coppermine’ button available as a new media button. (beside Upload/Insert buttons). You can navigate to the Album you wish to include images from. When you choose ‘Done’ a shortcode tag will be inserted into your Post.

The shortcode tag can be tailored for the viewing experience, by default images will be shown on a single line, just add “col=4″ to the shortcode and you’ll get 4 images wide table displaying the images.

Shortcode tags can be created to display all images from a particular Album, specific images, images from a particular Category. Limit the number of images displayed with the limit attribute (limit=10 for example). You can create a tag to display a random set of images from a specific Album.

Current version is 0.9.x; various adjustments and features may be added before it reaches 1.0.0 status.

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