Many schools, and some work environments, have calendars which cycle over a period of days. Trying to use a typical Calendar application to track such a cycle can be difficult, to near impossible. Manually creating entries for an entire semester, or year is tedious and error prone.

TSAgenda is designed to solve that problem. With TSAgenda you configure the number of days in the cycle (3, 4, 5, 8, or any other number you want), label them and set the start and end date. It will map the cycle days to the appropriate days of the week, applying the schedule based on the rules you have configured.

TSAgenda supports

Configured Start and End Dates

Configured days in cycle, from 2 to 8 and beyond

Configured days to exclude. (Holidays or professional days can be added to the excluded days)

Name each day of cycle

Keeping track of your Day schedule has never been easier.

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